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Documenting agent-based models with BPMN

Agent-based models (ABM) are often documented with the ODD-protocol, which gives a suitable framework. This framework lacks a formal documentation of the model itself, which is normally written in a simulation environment like e.g. NetLogo, GAMA, REPAST or another modelling language. These days, the de facto standard for documenting business processes is the Business Process [...]

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Agent-based model for the monitoring of visitor streams

A study (Masterthesis, Stefan Mohr) using the example of the transboundary Harz National Park as the study area. Due to the large extent of the National Park (24,732 ha), an accurate measurement of visitor numbers (some 1.7 Mio estimated) and their spatiotemporal distribution (ca. 813 km of path network) is not feasible. With the ABM [...]

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