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Ski-lift speed and waiting time

Across Europe and the rest of the world, skiing enjoys great popularity. However, it is assumed that the number of ski areas that will remain climatically operable will decrease dramatically in the near future. Accordingly, overcrowding and longer waiting times at ski-lift stations are identified as an economic threat to skiing areas. In a study [...]

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Meeting with PySD developer

Applications and tools for System Dynamics modelling such as Vensim, Stella or Powersim have only very limited spatial capabilities and functions. The PySD project seeks to integrate System Dynamics models in Python. This opens new avenues for Spatial System Dynamics modelling as geospatial modelling capabilities can be merged more easily with System Dynamics. On Friday, [...]

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Effectiveness of Covid-19 social distancing

Our recently published research shows that most stringent social distancing does not produce the best outcomes in terms of curbing the number of infections and fatalities. This is particularly relevant in the case of distinct seasonal variation in transmission, when the basic reproduction of an infectious disease is high and when health care capabilities are [...]

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Open Online-Workshop on Covid-19 Modelling

The Research Group on Spatial Simulation will participate in the Online-Workshop on “Modelling the spread and impact of the Coronavirus” which is organized by the Graz Schumpeter Center. The workshop takes place between 9th and 10th of December. The workshop is openly accessible! For more information, please visit GSC.

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UNIGIS Workshop for Archaeologists

This year’s UNIGIS workshop at the 25th Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies took place online with about 20 highly motivated participants. Participants had the opportunity to get to know advanced methods of geospatial analysis by examining the potential irrigation function of a canal-shaped landform in Upper Austria. In order to investigate this hypothesis, [...]

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Lockdown – A short-term solution to a long-term problem

Scientific Reports published our article on Covid-19 social-strategies today. The key result of this exploratory simulation study indicates an almost exponential relationship between intensity of Covid-19 countermeasures and required duration of measure application. As a result, countries whose policy is exclusively aimed at minimizing the number of cases are in danger of experiencing an untimely [...]

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Purpose-Game EQUILIBRIUM openly published in SDR

The educational game EQUILIBRIUM was recently published in System Dynamics Review . In the article, you will find information on how to use the game in the classroom to improve the systems thinking capabilities of your students. The game is particularly useful for teaching environmental sciences and sustainability on high school and academic level. Equilibrium [...]

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Purpose-Game Equilibrium

The purpose game EQUILIBRIUM is now ready to play and can be download from: https://bit.ly/2PLYWi4 EQUILIBRIUM introduces to a fictitious story about civilization collapse. The game objective is to explore the environment and to find out what went wrong. The game is part of an ongoing study. Your anonymous participation is very welcome! In case [...]

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